Analytics of Artefacts

Artefact 1 (mobile phone recorded video) Le Ginge According to YouTube's analytics software my first artefact was watched for a total of 6 minutes over 9 views between its release and 13th December. However on the page itself it does say it has been watched 19 times so I can only assume that over the … Continue reading Analytics of Artefacts


Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

The assignment for the Studio Production side of the Audio Application module is to create a remix of a song. Initially we were given a selection of reggae multi-tracks to make a dub mix with. However, a few weeks into the course we were told that we had complete freedom over the kind of mix/remix … Continue reading Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

Hallelujah remix

Artefact 2 (remix) As a tribute to Leonard Cohen who sadly passed away this week I have made a mashup video of both Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley singing Cohen's masterpiece, Hallelujah. This song has been covered so many times and by such a variety of artists but for me none come close to Jeff Buckley's 1994 … Continue reading Hallelujah remix