Sintel Sound

For the past few weeks, along with two course mates - Ryan Blackett and Sam Williams¬†- I have been in the process of re-producing the sound for the short film Sintel which is under creative commons license. The film is about a young girl, Sintel, who is in search of her adopted dragon, Scales, who … Continue reading Sintel Sound


Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

The assignment for the Studio Production side of the Audio Application module is to create a remix of a song. Initially we were given a selection of reggae multi-tracks to make a dub mix with. However, a few weeks into the course we were told that we had complete freedom over the kind of mix/remix … Continue reading Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

Workflow on my Surface Pro 4

In October 2015 I made one of the biggest financial purchases of my life, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4). This machine is a thing of beauty. A premium, high quality product, designed for the creative professional. I went for a high spec model too, 16GB RAM, intel core i7 (6th gen) with … Continue reading Workflow on my Surface Pro 4