Differences in Audio Quality in YouTube Videos

As mentioned in my previous post the audio quality perceived in each of the clips composited in my third artefact differ to a large extent. There are two main audio codecs at work here, they are 'MPEG AAC Audio' (mp4a) and 'Vorbis Audio' (vorb). MPEG AAC Audio is the successor to the MP3 format and allows … Continue reading Differences in Audio Quality in YouTube Videos


8 times it was ‘Christmas (Time)’

Artefact 3 (spreadable media) It has taken me far too long to make this video. In initially coming up with the idea, in getting round to begin to create it and in the actual time it took to create it. This video has all the ingredients to make a very spreadable piece of media. It … Continue reading 8 times it was ‘Christmas (Time)’

Sintel Sound

For the past few weeks, along with two course mates - Ryan Blackett and Sam Williams - I have been in the process of re-producing the sound for the short film Sintel which is under creative commons license. The film is about a young girl, Sintel, who is in search of her adopted dragon, Scales, who … Continue reading Sintel Sound

Blurring the Line between Sound Effect and Music

In the world of sound for film, TV and theatre the line between the composer and sound designer is getting increasingly blurry. In theatre, and especially lower budget productions, in many cases there is one person doing both jobs. With the upsurge of technological advancement within sound design and contemporary music there are many instances … Continue reading Blurring the Line between Sound Effect and Music

Hallelujah remix

Artefact 2 (remix) As a tribute to Leonard Cohen who sadly passed away this week I have made a mashup video of both Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley singing Cohen's masterpiece, Hallelujah. This song has been covered so many times and by such a variety of artists but for me none come close to Jeff Buckley's 1994 … Continue reading Hallelujah remix