Differences in Audio Quality in YouTube Videos

As mentioned in my previous post the audio quality perceived in each of the clips composited in my third artefact differ to a large extent. There are two main audio codecs at work here, they are 'MPEG AAC Audio' (mp4a) and 'Vorbis Audio' (vorb). MPEG AAC Audio is the successor to the MP3 format and allows … Continue reading Differences in Audio Quality in YouTube Videos


8 times it was ‘Christmas (Time)’

Artefact 3 (spreadable media) It has taken me far too long to make this video. In initially coming up with the idea, in getting round to begin to create it and in the actual time it took to create it. This video has all the ingredients to make a very spreadable piece of media. It … Continue reading 8 times it was ‘Christmas (Time)’

Sintel Sound

For the past few weeks, along with two course mates - Ryan Blackett and Sam Williams - I have been in the process of re-producing the sound for the short film Sintel which is under creative commons license. The film is about a young girl, Sintel, who is in search of her adopted dragon, Scales, who … Continue reading Sintel Sound

Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

The assignment for the Studio Production side of the Audio Application module is to create a remix of a song. Initially we were given a selection of reggae multi-tracks to make a dub mix with. However, a few weeks into the course we were told that we had complete freedom over the kind of mix/remix … Continue reading Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

Workflow on my Surface Pro 4

In October 2015 I made one of the biggest financial purchases of my life, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4). This machine is a thing of beauty. A premium, high quality product, designed for the creative professional. I went for a high spec model too, 16GB RAM, intel core i7 (6th gen) with … Continue reading Workflow on my Surface Pro 4

The Scope of Sound Design for Film

The more I look into post-production sound design for film the more I realise the immensity of the work that has to be done for it.  According to IMDb (2016) 40 people were in the sound team for post-production on the latest Marvel film, Doctor Strange (2016), and that list won't include the countless family and friends who volunteered to act … Continue reading The Scope of Sound Design for Film