I’m Isaac Lusher and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Audio Production at the University of Salford. I graduated in 2014 with a BA in Music from Durham University. Born and bred in the Heatons, Stockport, I have been a musician pretty much all my life, specialising in violin, piano and guitar.


Anything to do with music and sound. Specific musical genre interests include folktronica, hip-hop, IDM, and basically anything that’s just a little bit different. Outside of music I’m interested in acoustics, sound design for film, TV and theatre, and any new and interesting technologies.

Previous work

Throughout my undergraduate degree I focused on composition and performance, with a slight leaning towards the electronic. Through this I fell into a theatre production company, Another Soup, and worked with them on a number of productions, first as a performing violinist, then as a musical arranger/orchestrator, then as a musical director. This work has prompted me to pursue study in sound design for theatre and particularly immersive theatre and the use of electronic techniques to enhance the immersive experience.

I also have a couple of personal projects in the pipeline to be uploaded here shortly.


Please feel free to get in contact with me via any of the widgetry below or, alternatively, through the contact form on the page titled ‘Contact’.

Thanks for your time, your eyes and your ears.