Analytics of Artefacts

Artefact 1 (mobile phone recorded video)
Le Ginge

Le Ginge.png

According to YouTube’s analytics software my first artefact was watched for a total of 6 minutes over 9 views between its release and 13th December. However on the page itself it does say it has been watched 19 times so I can only assume that over the past two days 10 more views have accumulated. I can already see a problem here. It takes 2-3 days for YouTube’s analytics to take effect so I won’t see a true reflection on the artefacts’ success when there is such a small viewing over such a short time period. However we can see that from the 9 views they all came from UK, although YouTube have also helpfully pointed out there that 0.0% of views came from Germany as well. There have been 2 shares and 1 comment made. I would count this a success for a cat video that is about 10 years too late for the trend of cat videos. I still maintain though that everyone should at least have one cat video.

Artefact 2 (remix)
Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen ft. Jeff Buckley


This artefact has apparently been viewed 10 times for a total of 7 minutes although, again, on the video page it does in fact say 15 views. This time the views came from a variety of places from Italy to USA. This is possibly down to it being shared via twitter and also its content being more of a topical one about a story that was no doubt heard around the world. There were 2 comments and 1 share for this video.

Artefact 3 (spreadable)
8 Times it was Christmas (Time)

8 Times.png

This artefact was posted too late to achieve any sort of meaningful analytics. The 3 day lead time was not something I was aware of before starting this so I had hoped for better results. Of the 4 views that were clocked all were from UK and there were 2 shares. This artefact had all the ingredients to do well as a piece of spreadable media. It adopted a current trend, the lists of things, (10 times that…, the 17 best…) it was topical (Christmas), it was a supercut (of sorts), it had humour (though this is always a matter of taste).

Something I have learnt from this is that to some degree it doesn’t matter how relevant or current a piece of media is. You will always need a bit of luck, for the right sort of person to see it, and it also has to be good, which my artefacts clearly weren’t. Another factor in a popular post is the passion or love for the subject. For the most part the artefacts I posted were not done through passion or love or even a want to do them. They were posted because I had to get something out there. This is the main reason that they failed as spreadable media. The one that has done marginally better is artefact 2, precisely because it was something that I cared about. But in the end because I had to post anything, they ended up being nothing, nothing I was proud of, and certainly not enough to warrant sharing or promoting to gain extra likes and more online exposure. In the end these pieces were embarrassing for me to post. So I am secretly happy that they failed as spreadable media, they wouldn’t have helped my online profile if they had been in any way successful. Or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself to make me feel better anyway.





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