8 times it was ‘Christmas (Time)’

Artefact 3 (spreadable media)

It has taken me far too long to make this video. In initially coming up with the idea, in getting round to begin to create it and in the actual time it took to create it.

This video has all the ingredients to make a very spreadable piece of media. It is a list, people love those, it is about Christmas, people love that, and it is a supercut (sort of), people love those. Essentially it is a parody of those lists that pop up all over the internet. The particular list in question is 8 times when the words ‘It’s Christmas’ appear in popular Christmas songs. I only found a very small amount of occurrences given my short time frame and so I extended the video in various ways to fill the one minute brief we were given for this assignment. I extended the phrase (where applicable) to ‘It’s Christmas Time’ – adding a grand total of around 4 seconds. I added a text segment at the start of the video introducing what was going to appear in the rest of the video which added a good thirty seconds. For the final ten seconds I left a black screen with a couple of large hashtags to enjoy.

I created the video once again using Blender. I cannot recommend this open source software enough, the scope of its capabilities is breath-taking. If you are thinking about getting involved I would recommend Mikeycal Meyers’ YouTube tutorials on using Blender as a video editor. He has been my main source of information on using this program that was completely new to me two months ago. I also used Jacques Lucke’s Animation Nodes add-on for Blender to achieve the typewriter effect at the start of the video.

You may realise that the audio on this video is quite sketchy to say the least, the loudness varies a lot between the clips and you can clearly hear the different compression effects taking place on the more heavily produced songs. I have deliberately left the audio as in the original videos as this list parody can also serve as a comparison video to look at different levels of quality in music videos posted on YouTube. My next post will look at these differences in more detail.


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