Sintel Sound

For the past few weeks, along with two course mates – Ryan Blackett and Sam Williams – I have been in the process of re-producing the sound for the short film Sintel which is under creative commons license. The film is about a young girl, Sintel, who is in search of her adopted dragon, Scales, who she took in when it fell out of the sky with a badly injured wing. Scales was stolen from Sintel, just as the dragon was regaining full health, by a large adult dragon. Sintel decides to chase down the adult dragon to bring Scales back home.



We began by splitting the film into three equal sections and then each created a spotting sheet for our designated third, detailing exactly what and when each of the sound events occurs during the piece. We compiled our three sections and then split the sound up into four categories: atmosphere, footsteps, automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) and other spot effects. Once the spotting sheets were finished and compiled we started to think about how the required sounds could be reproduced and recorded.

We did lots of research and experiments to test different techniques for various sounds, such as using corn flour to represent footsteps on snow and using tomatoes as a replacement for flesh being eaten by a dragon. In order to achieve certain sounds some manipulation of the waveforms was required. For example for the earthquake and cave collapse towards the end of the film we recorded some smaller stones falling and then stretched the waveform using elastic audio in Pro Tools to create the effect of much larger rocks falling inside the cave.

We are currently on course for having all sounds recorded in the next week and can then begin editing and mixing the audio within Pro Tools where we must produce a stereo and a 5.1 surround sound mix, and finally we will master both mixes in the studio ready for submission.


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