Bob Marley – Is This Love Remix

The assignment for the Studio Production side of the Audio Application module is to create a remix of a song. Initially we were given a selection of reggae multi-tracks to make a dub mix with. However, a few weeks into the course we were told that we had complete freedom over the kind of mix/remix that we wanted to do and some additional multi-tracks were offered to us. Having already listened through the original list and decided on Bob Marley’s Is This Love from the previous selection I elected to stick with it.

A dub reggae mix is usually performed live with heavy use of outboard time-based effects units such as delay and reverb. Originally these dub mixes were done using analogue mixing desks and for the best results this is the preferred method. However, there is only one analogue desk available to us at the University of Salford and with thirty or so students taking this module it was clear from the outset that this would not be a feasible option given the constraints on both the booking times and my own personal free time in which to complete the project. I therefore decided on a hybrid approach.

I will use Pro Tools initially to create an arrangement of the song, once happy with that I will use either the analogue or one of the digital (more likely as it is more often available) mixing desks to add outboard effects such as compression and ducking, equalisation, delay and reverb. I will then return to Pro Tools to make sure the arrangement and mix is where I want it to be before taking it to a studio on a different day to master the track ready for submission.


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