Hallelujah remix

Artefact 2 (remix)

As a tribute to Leonard Cohen who sadly passed away this week I have made a mashup video of both Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley singing Cohen’s masterpiece, Hallelujah.

This song has been covered so many times and by such a variety of artists but for me none come close to Jeff Buckley’s 1994 version, which appears on his peerless album, Grace. It is delicate and meaningful, the loneliness projected from Buckley’s quivering voice and his isolated Fender Telecaster produce an intensity with such poise and balance that I could never tire of hearing.

Leonard Cohen’s original obviously has the desired intention of the composer and his deep baritone has an air of quiet seduction that could draw you into a hypnotic sleep.

There were four source videos used for this production: a live version of Leonard Cohen’s for video and the album version for audio, a live version of Jeff Buckley’s for video and his album version for the audio. Getting these to synchronise presented quite a challenge but if passages of the video are moved between quickly there is not enough time to notice the moments when the lips don’t seem to be singing quite what you’re hearing.

I added an insert reverb plugin to both tracks in Pro Tools to give the Jeff Buckley track more air in places and make it sound apart from the original version as if coming from another place. The effect was used at the very end of the Leonard Cohen track to help the last chord ‘hang on’ a bit longer for Jeff Buckley’s exquisite ending.


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