Le Ginge

Artefact  1 (mobile phone video)

My first go at video making! I thought I’d jump straight in and make a film noire. Not really. Admittedly this is not as audio based as I would have liked but I wanted to have a little go at film editing. I will be adding more interesting audio at a later date.

I recorded all the source film using my OnePlus 2 (OP2) android smartphone. The camera on the OP2 is an OmniVision OV13869 13-megapixel image sensor with a 1/2.6-inch sensor size and f/2.0 aperture with 4K recording capabilities. I initially recorded all footage in 4K but soon realised that editing the huge files would require too much processing power for me to be able to work smoothly and effectively. I used MPEG Streamclip to export my source film into 1080p and ensured the frames per second (fps) for each file were set to 30. I chose 30fps as this is the norm for uploading to YouTube. The software I chose to use to create this movie was Blender. Although this is primarily an animation rendering program it does have a very capable and versatile movie clip sequencer. The modular design also allows you to understand at a deeper level the processes required to create your film.

Having imported my 1080p source films into Blender I edited and sequenced them and used slow crossfades to create a slow-moving compilation of similar clips. Once the initial sequencing was done I rendered it in black and white and then imported the rendered version into a new session on Blender to add the text.

The audio for the film is taken from the final scene of Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. Finding a piece of solemn music that was eligible for me to use was difficult because of many copyright laws on both compositions and recordings. I chose to re-write the accompaniment from the aria for strings (violins 1 and 2, viola, and cello) into a StaffPad score and export the virtual performance straight from StaffPad as a WAV file and into the Blender session.


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